State Support Team

Serving school districts in Ashland, Crawford, Huron, Knox, Marion,

Medina, Morrow, Richland, Seneca, and Wyandot Counties in Ohio

1495 W. Longview Ave., Suite 200

Mansfield, Ohio 44906

Telephone: 419.747.4808

Toll Free: 800-424-7372

Fax: 419.747.3806


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Special Ed. Leadership 11/11/14

    *Form OP-1 Functional Behavior Assessment (Word)

    *Form OP-2 Behavior Intervention Plan (Word)

    *Manifestation Determination - ODE (Word)

    *Horner BIP Development - 2/2007 (PDF)

    *SSRN (PDF)



Downloadable Documents from Professional Development Trainings

Ohio Means Jobs - 2/6/15

    *Career Connections Supports 2014-2015 (PDF)


PAILS 11/12/15

    *Agenda (PDF)

    *UDL and Differentiation Compare Activity (Word)

    *Two Way Communication Activity (Word)

    *Teacher Clarity Speed Dating Activity (Word)


    *Agenda (Word)

    *Transportation Resources for Consideration (Word)

    *Ohio Transition Partnership (Word)

    *OTSP Talking Points (PDF)

    *RCTransition Council Brochure (Word)

Specially Designed Instruction 5/17/16

    *Important Points to Remember About SDI (PDF)

    *Scaffolding vs. Fire Escape (Word)

    *SDI Card half sheet (Word)

    *SDI MA (PDF)

    *SDI Station Questions (Word)

    *SDI Accom Mod 2015 (Word)

    *Service Delivery Poster (Word)

    *Specially Designed Instruction FINAL (Word)

    *UDL DI SDI - Image (PDF)

    *Why Emphasize SDI (PDF)

UDL - 5/17/16

    *UDL Action Expression Clarified: Pgs. 1-3 (PDF); Pgs. 4-8 (PDF)

    *UDL Engagement Clarified:  Pgs. 1-4 (PDF); Pgs. 5-7 (PDF)

    *UDL General

       *UDL & DI (Word)

       *UDL Fact Sheet (PDF)

       *UDL Now Chapter 2:

             Pgs. 1-4 (PDF);  Pgs. 5-8 (PDF); Pgs. 9-12 (PDF); Pgs. 13-16 (PDF)

       *UDL Planner (PDF)

       *UDL Visual (PDF)

       *UDL Wheel (PDF)

       *UDL Traditional DI Comparison (Word)

       *UDL Guidelines 2014 (PDF)

    *UDL Representation:  Pgs. 1-4 (PDF);  Pgs. 5-8 (PDF)

    *UDL Videos:

       *Bart Struggles in School

       *UDL at a Glance

       *UDL Katie Novak (Descriptive Language)

       *UDL Katie Novak (Common Core Language)