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Special Ed. Leadership 11/11/14

    *Form OP-1 Functional Behavior Assessment (Word)

    *Form OP-2 Behavior Intervention Plan (Word)

    *Manifestation Determination - ODE (Word)

    *Horner BIP Development - 2/2007 (PDF)

    *SSRN (PDF)



Downloadable Documents from Professional Development Trainings

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Ohio Means Jobs - 2/6/15

    *Career Connections Supports 2014-2015 (PDF)


PAILS 11/12/15

    *Agenda (PDF)

    *UDL and Differentiation Compare Activity (Word)

    *Two Way Communication Activity (Word)

    *Teacher Clarity Speed Dating Activity (Word)


    *Agenda (Word)

    *Transportation Resources for Consideration (Word)

    *Ohio Transition Partnership (Word)

    *OTSP Talking Points (PDF)

    *RCTransition Council Brochure (Word)

Specially Designed Instruction 5/17/16

    *Important Points to Remember About SDI (PDF)

    *Scaffolding vs. Fire Escape (Word)

    *SDI Card half sheet (Word)

    *SDI MA (PDF)

    *SDI Station Questions (Word)

    *SDI Accom Mod 2015 (Word)

    *Service Delivery Poster (Word)

    *Specially Designed Instruction FINAL (Word)

    *UDL DI SDI - Image (PDF)

    *Why Emphasize SDI (PDF)

UDL - 5/17/16

    *UDL Action Expression Clarified: Pgs. 1-3 (PDF); Pgs. 4-8 (PDF)

    *UDL Engagement Clarified:  Pgs. 1-4 (PDF); Pgs. 5-7 (PDF)

    *UDL General

       *UDL & DI (Word)

       *UDL Fact Sheet (PDF)

       *UDL Now Chapter 2:

             Pgs. 1-4 (PDF);  Pgs. 5-8 (PDF); Pgs. 9-12 (PDF); Pgs. 13-16 (PDF)

       *UDL Planner (PDF)

       *UDL Visual (PDF)

       *UDL Wheel (PDF)

       *UDL Traditional DI Comparison (Word)

       *UDL Guidelines 2014 (PDF)

    *UDL Representation:  Pgs. 1-4 (PDF);  Pgs. 5-8 (PDF)

    *UDL Videos:

       *Bart Struggles in School

       *UDL at a Glance

       *UDL Katie Novak (Descriptive Language)

       *UDL Katie Novak (Common Core Language)